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BUY ConstruCtion

STEP 1 - Register

To be able to buy a construction, you first need to register as a buyer on our portal. After registration you will receive by e-mail access and can then log into the portal.

STEP 2 - BUY Credits

After your login you click on the button to buy credits and so acquire a credit balance, which you can use up gradually when buying constructions. If your credit amount is used up, you will get a notice and can purchase credits again.

   Credits: Quantity scale

    25 Credits -   40 Euro - (1,60 € / Credit) -     47,60 € incl. VAT
    50 Credits -   75 Euro - (1,50 € / Credit) -     89,25 € incl. VAT
   100 Credits - 130 Euro - (1,30 € / Credit) -   154,70 € incl. VAT
   500 Credits - 550 Euro - (1,10 € / Credit) -   654,50 € incl. VAT

A CURRENTLY valid legal VAT of 19% shall be applied for the prices.

STEP 3 - BUY ConstruCtion

Once your credit account has been charged, you can click on the desired construction when logged in and initiate the purchase process by clicking the "Buy" button. After your purchase the specific amount of credits will be removed from your balance. Upon completion of the purchase process, you will be able to download your design with all the files, instructions, information as a zip file.

After that you can evaluate your purchase through our assessment module. Please take part in the evaluation to help optimize the quality of our portal.

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